Free-Style Yoga Alliance has visited an incredible array of Yoga businesses around the world from Latin America to South East Asia, seeing how Yoga professionals present their own passion for Yoga in a commercial and non-commercial and charity environments. We have made a professional commitment to stay neutral with our own feedback from each experience however some suppress ours and everyone else's expectation, therefore, deserve value and some form of mention on behalf of Yogis around the world.


What sets Aegialis Hotel & Spa apart from the rest, well let's start with 6 dedicated Yoga Shalas all of which have their own uniqueness and decoration, then we have a range of eating options for vegan, vegetarian and special requirements, a range of chillout areas and a variety of activities to suit everyone from Greek dancing to cooking classes. The key to Aegialis is that they actively promote yoga teachers from all corners of the world keeping an open minded approach that anyone with any yoga style can host retreats. 


Take a look for yourself and see the beauty of the Island, the Hotel & Spa and what they offer for people around the world.



Aegialis Hotel & Spa is something truly amazing in the Yoga world, showcasing one of the very few Hotels that can boast as a Dedicated Yoga Sanctuary in the Heart of the Mediterranean, Amorgos Island, Greece. A little piece of paradise founded by Irene Giannakopoulos, who was born and raised on the same island who now devotes her life to ensuring others have an exceptional experience at her Hotel.


SOME INSPIRATION: Share your passion for your chosen activity, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Tae Chi, Energy healing anything that you love doing and host it at Aegialis Hotel & Spa, let them help you organise your activity(s) and give your students something to remember. Take the first step, contact them, introduce yourself and your chosen activity and take it from there. Good Luck.


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