Who is AYUSH?

AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy)


Let's start with the name, yes it's a very long one and not easily repeatable, but it stands for something that showcases India´s contribution to Health Care around the world, including Yoga and its closely related subject; Ayurveda. AYUSH promotes healthy and natural wellness, well-being and living based on its traditional roots of systems that were developed long before many civilisations even thought about healthy living.

Now, why are we are mentioning AYUSH? 

They are the only global governing authority on Yoga including training, education, certifications and registrations of Yoga bodies (people, schools, organisations). They supersede all other yoga related organisations as an authoritative examination body that provides a structured process of examinations for yogis, schools and organisations.  Having AYUSH registration means you are promoting yoga at its roots, from the motherland with stringent checks as each student has to undergo examinations both written and practical at an approved testing centre. Organisations including schools, studios can also apply for registration, however, this comes with very stringent checks, audits and you also have to have passed the student exams.


Who is the QCI? 


AYUSH is directly supported by QCI (Quality Council of India) who manages: education, training, standards and examinations, in which they have a very informative and interactive website with all of the necessary tools to apply for any examination process (instructor, teacher, master, Acharya and schools, For more information on AYUSH and QCI click on the links below, we have also included links to the Indian Yoga Association.

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