Free-Style Yoga is a great opportunity for any student wishing to be free to explore Yoga in their own way, therefore creating their own style of Yoga based on their own personality. Free-Style Yoga actively promotes the open free-style of teaching yoga using all of the tools yoga has to offer. There are literally thousands of yoga asanas to explore, including Meditation, Pranayama, Kriyas, teaching styles, and not forgetting where yoga came from and its unique history. 


We actively promote the teaching of free-style yoga from its roots upwards, giving students the necessary tools, information and teachings to confidently go into the world armed with their own personality driven classes.


Free-Style Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is fully committed to every single student that signs up for one of our courses, with the aim of giving students active yoga training, pairing up with another student during the course and teaching from the first week to maximise practice time. Apart from becoming a yoga teacher, the student may also have a deep, emotional and life changing experience, mainly due to the intensity of the course, the environment and from other students. This is a positive lifestyle change and we look forward to helping, assisting, encouraging, motivating and being there for every single student during this process. 

  • Daily meditation sessions with kapalabhati.

  • Daily morning and evening free-style yoga classes.

  • Daily pranayama classes.

  • Daily theory lectures including philosophy.

  • Daily teaching methodology lectures and workshops.

  • Daily anatomy of yoga lectures and workshops.

  • Daily student pairs/group practice (starting end of week 1).

  • 28 nights accommodation.

  • All inclusive meals, with a choice of menu options; vegetarian or vegan.

  • Daily smoothie during the course and personal preparation.

  • Certification by Free-Style Yoga Alliance.

  • Business, Marketing and publicity by Free-Style Yoga Alliance.


Free-Style Yoga Alliance teacher training offers fully certified and accredited courses. Students will have the opportunity to receive the highest standard of training at our chosen locations around the world. Starting at the end of the first week, students will begin teaching in pairs, then groups on the second week. Students will also have the opportunity on the third week to give live training classes to our community, giving a fantastic opportunity to students that want to progress as Yoga Teachers after the course. Our Teacher Training course is unique and stands out from the standard training courses, why! Because we give the opportunity to students to start teaching from the first week, until they leave as Yoga Teachers, thus building up real confidence, creating a stronger personality throughout the course. The course manual consists of 16 modules, with an easy to follow structure giving detailed content and instructions. Each module comes with homework, which has to be completed on a weekly basis and given to the lead trainers. The homework will be accumulated during the course and given back during the final week to help with exam preparation.

  • Techniques

    • 100 hours

  • Teaching Methodology

    • 25 hours

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    • 20 hours

  • Yoga Lifestyle, history and origins

    • 25 hours

  • Practical Teaching

    • 30 hours


Total minimum contact hours: 180 hours.

Total minimum contact hours with lead trainer(s):  Duration of course



Module 1 - Yoga History & Philosophy

Module 2 - Yoga comes to the West

Module 3 - Free-Style Yoga Method

Module 4 - Difference between Yoga and physical exercise

Module 5 - Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Module 6 - Introduction to Asanas

Module 7 - Karanas, Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Module 8 - Anatomy & Philosophy

Module 9 - Anatomical Planes of the Body

Module 10 - Meditation

Module 11 - Relaxation

Module 12 - Pranayama, Kriyas and Bandhas

Module 13 - Nadis & Chakras

Module 14 - Yoga for Children

Module 15 - Yoga for Pensioners

Module 16 - I am a qualified Yoga teacher, what now!


Daily Schedule:

06:00 Wake up, Prepare for Meditation

06:15 - 07:00 Sunrise Meditation session

07:00 - 08:30 Group practice, Free-Style Yoga class

08:30 - 10:00 Breakfast (Smoothies, light breakfast with fruits and cereals)

10:00 - 12:00 Lectures & Workshops - Theory, Philosophy

12:00 - 12:15 Break

12:15 - 13:00 Lectures & Workshops - Anatomy of Yoga

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch

14:30 - 16:30 Lectures & Workshops - Teaching methodology & Practicum

16:30 - 18:00 Group practice, Free-Style Yoga class / Meditation

18:00 - 20:00 Personal study/freetime

20:00              Supper


Raquel has been studying and practicing Yoga for over 20 years, she is deeply connected to Yoga and its roots, having a profound passion to teach something so close and personal is a gift and this can be felt by her students. She is the lead trainer for all Free-Style Yoga teacher training courses and has fully committed herself to share her experiences and knowledge to course students, giving inspiration, motivating and encouraging students to explore all aspects of Yoga. Raquel also holds a masters in Sociology and is passionate about Holistic & Natural treatments, including Aromatherapy, Quiro-Massage, Essential Oils, Ayurveda and Reiki (Gendai Reiki Ho, Japan) and now Ancient Thai Massage.


She is also passionate about Acroyoga and enjoys teaching this style of Yoga in her classes.


Gary Collins, Yoga Teacher (200h), Bootcamp Fitness Instructor, Reiki Therapist (Gendai Reiki Ho, Japan), Nutritionist and now Ancient Thai Massage. Gary has been an active Yogi since he started practicing Yoga in January 2008, initially studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga then opening up to Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and a little Iyengar. He is very passionate about practicing and teaching Yoga and its benefits to everyone who wants to try Yoga, especially Veterans.


Gary follows a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and staying fit through a variety of sports, including; running, circuits, Bootcamp and OCR. He also has a special interest in Reiki healing, recently attaining Shinpiden, Reiki L3.


Exclusive Locations around the world to share our passion for Free-Style Yoga.

We are looking for only the best possible locations that offer an incredible opportunity for students to completely indulge in their personal training to maximise the pleasure of taking part in a life changing experience.

Free-Style Yoga Alliance place the student first and offer only fully inclusive packages to ensure peace of mind and a stress free journey.

Locations will be published after the summer 2016.


Yoga is not only about asanas, pranayama and meditation, its about a personal journey exploring oneself. Food, nutrition and healthy living plays a vital part of our lives and we should respect our body by eating healthy and exercise regularly.

The old saying "you are what you eat" is so true, eating an unhealthy diet with no regular exercise may lead to health issues, whereas eating a healthy nutritional diet and staying in good physical shape prolongs a healthy life.


Trekking and Nature walksIt is very important during the course to “step out” and take a break from training, as we are in the heart of the countryside, walking/trekking is a recommended option. Horse riding is also available at the local village, where you can experience a day or half at a typical Spanish riding stables. We are also on the doorstep of Sierra de Gredos mountains, therefore will have opportunities for walks/treks within the park itself, including discovering the rivers, that hold a variety of small lagoons (gargantas), with crystal clear fresh water trapped from the normal river route. There are also plenty of chillout areas where you can escape for a few minutes to the whole day to relax and recuperate during the course. There is also massage and naturopathy services at the resort therefore if needed just request.


Included in the course program is a complete and all inclusive service, giving students the right tools to become a certified and professional Yoga Teacher. Including, detailed manual, professional Anatomy & Physiology Module, all meals, accommodation and local transport.


Peace of mind:- We provide a fully inclusive, professional yoga teacher training course that covers all amenities for the course, with no hidden costs. Students have the peace of mind, knowing they are booking a course that includes everything needed during their stay, from accommodation, food to examination and certificate ceremony.  



  • 3 vegetarian or vegan based meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Supper).

  • 28 days, 27 nights accommodation.

  • 28 days training (including exam), with every Sunday day off.

  • Daily Smoothies; detoxifying, energising, beautifying….

  • Accommodation double shared single beds or single private room.

  • Fully scheduled professionally designed and certified Yoga Course.

  • Workshops & Lectures.

  • Teas, coffee, snacks.

  • Full use of resort Facilities.

  • Teacher Training Manual and handouts.

  • Teacher training certificate (on completion of course exam).

  • Social Media from Free-Style Yoga Alliance including free publicity and marketing.



  • Yoga mat (bring your own for hygiene reasons).

  • Yoga accessories, cushion (meditation).

  • Insurance (Medical/Travel), recommended to have both.

  • Day off Excursions and Tours.

  • International Travel to/from home country.


Group Size

Maximum group size is 20 students.

Students will be paired during the course to maximise student practice.


Course Information

This is an intensive 28 day Yoga Teacher Training Course, starting at 6am and finishing at 6pm, 6.5 days a week. Students will at times feel; tired, sore, overwhelmed with information and may experience ups and downs. We understand these changes as we had the same experiences, so please feel confident that we will do our best to support everyone going through these experiences.


Course Admission Requirements

Admission requirements give us control of who comes to study one of our courses, therefore we maintain a minimum application requirement of at least 6 months of Yoga study and practice before attending our courses. This gives students the basic knowledge of Yoga and its practice, including; meditation, pranayama, asanas and the general structure. Students will also be required to familiarise themselves with the Mandatory course books; The Yoga Bible and Anatomy of Yoga.  


Course Exam

Students will have to pass a standard written examination before receiving any formal certification for the course, at present we have a 100% pass rate. The course does not come with an automatic pass, the manual has been structured to ensure students receive the maximum key knowledge for taking the examination. However, if a student needs a re-exam then this will be done on the same day with teacher guidance. Students will receive continuous assessments throughout the course and the trainers will be available for counseling sessions at the student's request.


More Information

If you require further information, peace of mind, then contact us directly and we will answer any questions, doubts, queries you may have.


When can I arrive

Check In

From 8am day the course starts (If you prefer to come the day before the course starts then please request this at time of booking.

Check Out

Before 6pm the day the course finishes.

If students require additional nights accommodation please advise.



Students should also have a good overall level of fitness to attend the course, it is normal to seek medical advice before attending any course to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared. If taking medications, please ensure you bring sufficient medications for your stay.


What to Bring

We have listed some items below that are recommended to maximise your stay with us,these are:


● Bring sufficient clothing appropriate for the, including sandals, sneakers (trainers), trekking shoes, bikini/trunks.

● Yoga Mat also including light blanket or shawl.

● Camera, with enough memory space and batteries.

● Sun Glasses, Sun Hat.

● Plug Adaptors for Spain.

● Funds for local expenditure.


Airport Transfers

Will be provided on request.



On completing the course, many teachers return home, however some stay and explore the regions of Spain taking in a well deserved vacation after a long and intensive course. There are also various teaching opportunities around the world for yogis that have no commitments at home and are free to explore the nomadic yogic life. We will do our best to help you achieve work placements, volunteer, or paid around the world.


We will give you all of the tools necessary to setup your own social media, marketing & publicity, contacts and various databases of Yoga centers around the world.


The rest is down to you, with a little motivation you could see the begining of a new adventure, chapter in your life.  We have a number of inspiring stories from past teachers and friends that have and are still living a nomadic yogic life travelling around the world.


Payment - Deposit

A €500 deposit is required to reserve your place, this deposit is refundable within 72 hours of reservation, and non refundable after 72hrs of your reservation (Please see terms & conditions for payment peace of mind).


Payment - Full Payment

Full payment is required 3 months before activity starts or if booking is less than 3 months, a full payment is required to reserve your course.


Payment - Terms & Conditions (peace of mind)

We want our students to have total peace of mind when booking activities with Free-Style Yoga Alliance, therefore if for reasons beyond the student's control, they cannot make their reserved course, we will hold the value of the course for a new date within 1 calendar year (12 months from date of reservation).


Cancellations should be made ASAP to Free-Style Yoga Alliance. We do not accept liability for guests who do not cancel their scheduled course before the start date, therefore we reserve the right to charge full payment for non communication of cancellation. Therefore to honour our terms & conditions, students are strongly advised to cancel BEFORE the course starts.


Payment Types

Payment can made through bank transfer or paypal, students are responsible for any further transfer charges, commissions from their payment. Paypal charge an additional 3% transfer fee!

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