Retreats form part of a social activity holiday where like minded people can come together and share a variety of activities in a close community environment.  Retreats come in all forms, types and locations, offering a variety of activities to entice potential clients including; Yoga, surfing. diving. trekking, horse riding, eco tours, beach, mountain etc.


Our Yoga based retreats are theme based and offer an all inclusive package, including; all yoga based programmed activities, accommodation, food for the duration of the scheduled event. Additional activities will be available depending on the location and season.

Reasons to make a Retreat

Retreats offer an incredible opportunity for people to enjoy something unique whether a newcomer to yoga or a devoted yogi, socialising with like minded people, learning new and interesting ideas acumulating in an extraordinary experience for everyone. We have listed some inspirational reasons to book a retreat for a treat.

Time out for You!

Time to treat yourself

A retreat offers the perfect excuse to give yourself "timeout" an "escape" from your normal daily life and this should be the first reason why you want to treat yourself to a retreat. Forget the rest of the reasons of advancing your yoga practice, meditation or having the opportunity to make a retreat with a star!

The first reason, is to give yourself the time you deserve to completely getaway and enjoy something you really want to try, experiment and advance your own personal practice.

Rest and Recuperation

Escape your busy life

A little R&R goes a long way, especially for people that have a hectic lifestyle, either at work or at home. Rest and recuperation goes a long way even in small doses of a weekend break, allowing oneself to escape the normal daily regime and divulge in something close to your heart, whether yoga, meditation, healthy eating or just getting away to reset.

A retreat will allow you to de-stress, refocus, revitilise and reset your mind and body, leading to a calmer, fresh outlook on life in general.

Socialising and making new friends

Connect with like minded people

Socialising is something that is fading away from humanity with all of our attention focused on technology; smart phones, tablets and social media. Retreats focus on socialising and making new friends, where a majority of people are strangers but after the first day, everyone is on a first name basis sharing a passion which lasts a lifetime.

Retreats give a change of perseption for most which focuses on freeing oneself from the initial fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is a mixture of excitement of making a retreat, anxiety of not knowing what is ahead or who your going to meet. A retreat suprises most as complete strangers come together, spend time during the retreat making activities and eventually become friends for life.

Retreats offer a sanctuary to socialise, meet like-minded people and make an incredible variety of activities, leading to a new you.

Learn, advance and deepen your personal practice

Discover what you can achieve

Retreats offer a great variety of activities based on Yoga and many other core activities and themes, including; surf, paddle, diving, meditation, detox, healthy eating, hiking, and more. Most retreats offer part time, or full time options with all inclusive offers and can be found virtually anywhere in the world.

The hardest part is choosing one for you with literally thousands to choose from whether beach, mountain or countryside setting with different themes and activities, spend the time to give youself the retreat of a lifetime.

Eat Healthy, Detox and Smoothie time

Revitalize your body & mind

Retreats also offer a great opportunity to try something different in regards to food diversity and related activities; for example, Detox and smoothies. Most Yoga related retreats only offer vegetarian and some vegan food options, and growing in popularity are detox retreats with smoothies included.

Trying different types of foods, including preparation will increase not only your health status but your knowledge of incorporating a healthier diet into your current lifestyle. Smoothies are another way of enjoying incredibly nutritional foods without losing the nutritional value as their is no cooking time, only fresh, organic ingredients.

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