Free-Style Yoga Alliance is dedicating time and resources building a user friendly yoga library for members of Free-Style Yoga Alliance.  The library will include an asana database showing asanas and a description of each, including step by step instructions, a variety of guided practice documents on Yoga practice, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas, Karanas, history of yoga and more.


The Library is open source and is an ongoing live project that will be updated on a daily basis with new asanas and methods of teaching and practicing yoga. If you are a yoga teacher and feel you can contribute to our library, then forward your details and how you can contribute to our library.


Our library is only available to our members due to the committment we have made in administering, managing and daily input, which shows our passion for Yoga.

Some postures for your yoga practice
Main mudras and how to practice them
Guide to meditation
The importance of breathing
How to clean your physical body
A very important part of your daily routine
Surya Namaskar
How to practice Sun Salutations
Yoga Nidra
A state between waking and sleeping
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