….and now Yoga.

This is the opening sentence of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which you could call the “bible” of yoga. It means you’ve tried all kinds of things for your happiness. You turned in many directions. In the end they didn’t work....

And now you’ve found yoga.

We’re here to share this journey with you.

If you’ve ever felt:

1 - I know I am not as well spiritually or emotionally as I want to be.

2 - I need to get healthy again in body and mind.

3 - I need to remove myself from the everyday hustle of life.

4 - I want to unplug, de-stress, and re-charge.

5 - I desire to reconnect with the deep and real me again.

6 - I want to explore the deeper aspects of life.

Or you’re stressed from work or family, and just want to feel utterly safe, warm, and cared for…

...then you’ve found your sanctuary.

You’ve found the place to discover the perfect retreat for you. A place to get that much-deserved relaxation.

Let me guess, you feel there is something more to life right? More than just a 9-5 drudgery that leaves you feeling stressed and out of touch with yourself.

We do too.


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Retreats offer clients the opportunity to escape for a period of time from normal daily life routines, with an incredible variety of themed options at probably all major locations around the world, from Phuket to Hawaii.  Retreats are published on a global scale from a number of sources, from dedicated retreat sites to social media sites and hotels/resorts also including directly from Schools, studios dedicated to offering professionally recognised retreat packages.


Free-Style Yoga Alliance recommend a number of marketing & publicity agencies that offer everything from Yoga retreats to teacher training courses which are based on a number of factors, these are:


Customer Service Care (CSC)  -  This is the most important part of any business, and puts clients needs, requests, feedback at the forefront of its business communication plan. Clients should also have the ability to contact the relevant business with easy access i.e. a contacts page that offers multiple communication options, and responds within a set period of time, normally 24 hours within the business week.  However most businesses offer 24/7 customer care options to ensure clients receive the best possible care to cover for emergency situations.


Booking Guarantee  -  When booking at type of yoga activity it is very important to ensure you have a booking guarantee where the business guarantees your retreat and the proposed program.  Always read the booking conditions, and terms & conditions before booking to ensure you have a guaranteed booking.  


Peace of Mind  -  It is very important to ensure you have complete peace of mind before booking any type of retreat package, know what to expect and save a copy of the proposed itinerary. It has been known retreat organisers to market a package and when clients arrive, receive something completely different.  


Due Diligence and Personal Research  -  We fully recommend doing your research, decide what you want and where you want to go and compare at least 7 to 10 similar packages, and choose one that catches your liking.  Check previous customer reviews including other travel related sites, i.e. tripadvisor, travelfish etc to confirm customer satisfaction.  Remember to check the reviews on the booking site you are reserving with to ensure you are reserving the best possible package for you.


To help you on the way, we have listed a number of recognised agencies that offer a variety of Yoga activities, including vacations, retreats, and trainings. If you have a personal favourite then send us the details with RETREAT BOOKING SERVICES in the header so we know what it relates to including all relevant contact info including website.

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