Free-Style Yoga Alliance (FSYA) offer a variety of Yoga activities from simple classes to full retreat packages and teacher training.  In this section you will have an idea of what activities we can offer at a reasonable cost, including free consultations.  If you are currently providing yoga activities and want to know more about introducing Free-Style Yoga then feel free to contact us.  We have included a summarised list of yoga activities to give an insite into what we can offer and our current capabilities should you wish to consult us further please contact us on the contacts page.

Yoga Classes


We can provide direct support to your class activities and offer Free-Style Yoga classes at your location or from a recommended Free-Style Yoga teacher.  Our classes have structured teaching and learning modules with an emphasis on students connecting with each in their own way.  Classes last for 1h 30mins but these can be reduced to 1h but not recommended unless they are complimenting another activity.  Each class is different and focuses on a free-style approach to class teaching, where asanas are taught using a variety of styles, from vinyasa flow, power yoga, restorative, acro yoga or simply hatha classic.


A typical class has structure in design but freedom of teaching a variety of asanas, pranayama and surya namaskar, for example.


  • Savasana  -  Initial relaxation, time to disconnect with the outside world and connect with the class, connect and prepare the mind and body, return to normal breathing and relax.

  • Warm Up/Stretch  -  Gentle warmup and stretching exercises from the tips of the toes to the tips of the fingers to the head, stretching out all of the daily stresses and warming up the body for the class.

  • Pranayama  -  Introducing a number of pranayama techniques to enourage students to self practice outside of the class.

  • Surya Namaskar  -  Introducing a number of variants including; Hatha, Ashtanga, Moon, Pre-natal, depending on class type.

  • Asanas  -  This is the core activity of most classes, teaching an incredible variety of asanas at all levels with literally thousands of asanas to choose from.  Each asana practice can include; vinyasa, hatha, power, karanas, acro and many other variants.  

  • Personal Practice  -  We also encourage students to spend 5 or 10 minutes practicing their favourite asanas and mastering them with help from the teachers.

  • Final Relaxation  -  This is an important ending to any class, students get the chance to connect and absorb all of the benefits from the class and go into deep relaxation.

Yoga Lectures and Workshops


We can support your business with a variety of yoga lectures, workshops and/or conferences offering your clients specialised yoga teaching and training.  This can include lectures on asanas, surya namaskar, pranayama, vinyasa, correct posture etc, also longer workshops on these modules and more.  These can last from a 45min lecture to a 2 day workshop, fully depending on your requirements.  Any combination of modules can be programmed too, giving a more detailed and comprehensive option.


Lectures and workshops are a great addition to daily yoga schedules, offering clients a little more and keeping everyone interested in continued learning and professional development.  These can also compliment existings activities and services, introducing something new and exciting.




We have been involved in writing and running specialised retreat packages for the past 4 years, introducing complete retreat programs with the focus on client welfare and ensuring the client receives the best service and hospitality. We can support a wide array of retreat programs based on Free-Style Yoga, including themed retreats including any duration, from 1 day to 21 days.


We can provide the teaching experience, and/or retreat templates for your business, please see the Yoga Solutions sub-page for further info on retreat template designs.  If you are looking at running seasonal retreat packages, or need emergency teacher cover we can help provide a solution.  


Teacher Training Courses TTC200


We are new to offering Teacher Training courses and have spent the past 3 years developing our own study programs that incorporate both Yoga Alliance USA standard and Free-Style Yoga training.  Our manual is comprehensive with 17 modules dedicated to teaching students become teachers and educating current teachers in the Free-Style Yoga method.  We are a registered yoga school (RYS200) authorised to teach 200 hour yoga training and teachers are individually registered with Yoga Alliance USA to maintain teaching standards.


If you are currently looking for registered yoga teachers to assist or lead a teacher training course, then we may be able to help you, depending on the style required.  Free-Style Yoga is fully recommended and allows students and teachers to develop a greater understanding of yoga and its roots.  You can see our registration on the Yoga Alliance USA website,, just search for Free-Style Yoga Alliance.



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