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Supporting, Building and Re-wiring Society


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The Good Karma Project is a pilot project aimed at re-wiring society, bringing together under one roof, a multi-active social environment where people from every level of society come and learn how to socialise, educate, share, receive, change, adapt, and contribute to building a better world.

The Pilot project is like no other, and has been designed to offer a complete integration of products and services with the aim of reducing unwellness within society, helping rewire the brain by introducing daily routines and programs to help shape a healthier, more active society that cares about the environment, sustainable living and fellow human beings.




We want to make an impact in people's lives, but can only do it with YOU, helping support our project with the aim of rewiring society at every level with an end goal of living in harmony with ourselves and the planet.




We want to see a society that isn't easily influenced by junk food propaganda or fast food misleaders that are directly linked to but not limited to; Overweight, Obesity, Mental Health issues, Chronic Diseases and more BUT appropriately informed with a “Transparency Campaign” on the real life values of the consequences of eating junk food. A society that accepts “change” and “adapts” to the ever changing environment of technology, using it to advance at a personal and professional level BUT taking care not to overuse, abuse and isolate themselves from society. A society that is completely integrated at ever level where elderly people are not forgotten and left to be isolated within their own homes or residential homes BUT seeing them form part of society by being a key part of communities (sharing experiences), education systems (schools & universities), businesses (social interaction), and government (helping shape the future). A society that does not look down on people that are different, whether from a cultural, physical or mental perspective, BUT treats every single human being the same with an introduction of “Help a Buddy scheme” to support, educate and change social stereotypes. A society where children aren't afraid to go to school due to bullying, intimidation or feel social pressure from peers to do things that are socially unacceptable like initiations to get into a gang or group BUT are educated on the rights and wrongs with active monitoring and alert systems to help prevent the unnecessary suffering of children that often leads to issues through to adulthood. A society that helps look after the environment we live in and share with fellow humans and other species around the planet without complaining or ignoring the vast amounts of waste that are accumulating around our communities and cities BUT to help learn, educate and manage self sustainable environmental practices that reduce overall waste at home, in the bins, streets, rivers, lakes and the sea. A society that adapts a physical activity mindset into a daily, weekly, monthly routine that helps them maintain a healthy body through exercise, for example; morning - walk with the dogs, gym, lunchtime - Yoga, pilates class, evening - running club, martial arts, self defence, dancing lessons BUT taking care to protect themselves against fatigue, injury or illness due to over exercise, repetitive sports and fatigue by complimenting various physical activities with others to provide an optimum balance.


A society that has an ultimate goal to live a long, fulfilled, social, happy and healthy life, at every stage of growing up from birth, pre-school, school, College, university, Working life to retirement as an integral, contributal, and valuable member of society.



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    *-*-*-* LEARN HOW TO COOK SOMETHING -*-*-* (or cook something different) Today spend an afternoon preparing something different. How:- look at a global map and choose an area you don't know and prepare something from that area. It could be a Thakali kitchen from Nepal, steamed dumplings from Mongolia or a simple Pad Thai from Thailand. The choice is yours so spice up your kitchen with preparing something new once a week and increase your awareness to foods from around the world. Even better if you invite #friends and prepare something more #social #tgkp #fsya #wellness #beinspired #cooksocial
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    ** GO TREKKING IN THE NATURE ** (Or a local park) Did you know spending just 5 minutes being surrounded by nature can help reduce stress, anxiety and a busy mind by 50%, imagine if you spend an hour being surrounded by nature!! Give yourself a break and take time out and invest in yourself, your mind needs a break from the constant busy busy life. If you cant go far, then head down to your local park and immerse yourself into the green nature. Breath, relax and reset the mind. #tgkp #fsya #wellness #beinspired #nature
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