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A majority of people on this planet including animals of all species suffer from anxiety at some point it life.

For some it can be short term, for other a lifelong affair.




Anxiety can be beaten with a carefully managed therapy plan and surrounding yourself with positively charged family & friends including a social community support group.

Making simple changes in your life, like; waking up 5 minutes early and meditating can help brighten your day preparing you for the day ahead, making an early morning exercise routine before heading to work, Midday walking in the park (especially rainy days) soaking up the ambiance of the senses, having a meetup with like-minded people who suffer from anxiety and much more.



All you need to do is take the first step to changing the way you feel towards Anxiety, and helping manage it in a positive way where you can share your story helping others.

Take the plunge, and seek professional help and advice.


💢Join Local community self-help groups. 💢Join a hobby club. 💢Join a health club. 💢Make your own social circle with like minded people. 💢Search your local area for mental health support groups.



Speak to us if you feel you're getting nowhere, send a message and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.




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    Sep 8

    *-*-*-* LEARN HOW TO COOK SOMETHING -*-*-* (or cook something different) Today spend an afternoon preparing something different. How:- look at a global map and choose an area you don't know and prepare something from that area. It could be a Thakali kitchen from Nepal, steamed dumplings from Mongolia or a simple Pad Thai from Thailand. The choice is yours so spice up your kitchen with preparing something new once a week and increase your awareness to foods from around the world. Even better if you invite #friends and prepare something more #social #tgkp #fsya #wellness #beinspired #cooksocial
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    Sep 8

    ** GO TREKKING IN THE NATURE ** (Or a local park) Did you know spending just 5 minutes being surrounded by nature can help reduce stress, anxiety and a busy mind by 50%, imagine if you spend an hour being surrounded by nature!! Give yourself a break and take time out and invest in yourself, your mind needs a break from the constant busy busy life. If you cant go far, then head down to your local park and immerse yourself into the green nature. Breath, relax and reset the mind. #tgkp #fsya #wellness #beinspired #nature
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    Sep 8

    ** THINK POSITIVE ** (Spark the Mind) Take a well deserved break and think! Be creative, be spontaneous, be out of the box. *************************** Think about positive actions, maybe something from a movie that makes you smile or laugh, a quotation that inspires or just simply thinking about how lucky you are to have life. ****** Take one step at a time and make the changes to live and think positively. ********** #tgkp #fsya #wellness #positive #beinspired
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