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Sep 22, 2017

ITM, Student Experiences


An incredible and a memorable life experience

We started our journey in Bangkok with great excitement knowing we are returning to India to continue our personal Yoga journey....Yes India as this was our goal after doing lots of Karma Yoga around the world. However, karma decided to show us another path as we were unable to get an Indian visa in Thailand as the service had just been cancelled and no further visas were being issued, which left us with a pretty bad taste especially after getting all hyped up about returning.



However we saw this as an opportunity to discover something different other than yoga and tossed a few ideas in the air, including Raquel learning Thai massage! and me.....Thai cooking :-)  So we decided to go back to the one place that makes us feel like we are at home; Chiang Mai.

Deciding on a Thai massage course wasn't easy, especially since Chiang Mai is saturated with Thai massage and schools. We made a shortlist of schools and finally decided to visit them all, and one of them stood above the crowd, ITM. When we visited the school we had a sense that this was the right place to learn Thai massage, so instead of only Raquel learning Thai massage, WE both decided to learn and support each other through the intensive month of learning traditional Thai massage with ITM.

Our first day was a fun packed, intensive learning experience starting the day with Mantras and learning the history and basics of Thai massage, Normally from my own experience of Mantras, I tend to skip them as I dont really have a connection especially in Yoga, however the Thai mantras were surprisingly fun and a great way to start the day. 

The weeks went on and one by one we completed level 1 to level 4 including tok sen and thai herbal compress at Chiang Mai Spa Mantra....part of ITM. Overall the courses, content, learning experience, teachers, instruction and techniques were very good, each and every student had the opportunity to learn from some very experienced thai massage teachers, either receiving a massage or receiving an instructional massage. At the end of each day, students had the chance to practice with their partner under supervision of the teachers and believe me the teachers have eyes everywhere, doesn't matter if they were seeing to other students, they saw everything within the room and corrected as and when necessary.



ITM have a great style of Traditional Thai Massage and have been teaching their methods for over 30 years which shows with the experience of the Master trainer Chongkol (John) who is an inspiration to all who train at ITM. Not forgetting the trainers, staff and admin who make your learning experience something extra special by making you feel you are part of the family. 

A month of learning Traditional Thai massage leaves you feeling like you have achieved a great milestone taking home a part of Thailand with you. One month of intensive learning is an exhaustive, intensive but worthwhile and unforgettable experience, something we will cherish forever. 


We will be returning to ITM and Spa Mantra to complete the CAPT teacher training program to continue our own journey into Traditional Thai massage. 3 months of intensive teacher training, something to look forward to :-)


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