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Sep 3, 2017

Introduction to Hashtags


Hashtags are a very convenient way of grouping posts using set keywords, they allow you to centralise posts in effect creating a library. You can create hashtags for personal and professional use, for family activities to business marketing.



Hashtags are great for centralising posts that belong to certain occations especially family activities for example;


a wedding, family and friends can use a hashtag to ensure all posts regarding the wedding can be captured and stored centrally for future viewing and sharing, hashtag example #billnbabswedding17


a birthday, sharing special occations with family and friends where all posts regarding the birthday will be stored within a certain hashtag i.e. #garycollinsbig50


a lifestory, recording events for your children throughout their lives, building a historical and memorable collection of posts. hasthag example #lifestoryrachelevens2010


a yogi/yogini, collecting and sharing your yoga journey with friends and family and even the international community can be rewarding, using hashtags to share your passion for yoga is inspirational, hashtag examples #yoga #yogaasana #asana #rachelsyogapath


The image gives good tips, hints and ideas on using hashtags.



Hashtags give businesses a great marketing tool spreading public awareness of services and/or products offered at a local, national and international level. There are many ways of using hashtags for example;


a local business, within your community using a hashtag of your town to start with followed by hashtags of inner communities and the product/service you are offering for example #londoncity #iluvmatcha #matcha4health


a photography business, using hashtags can make your job much easier and give you so much more potential marketing options (with permission from your clients), posting photographs of certain activities and tagging them with a central hashtag including personal ones for your clients will give free marketing coverage i.e. #tonysprophoto #billsnbabswedding17 #londoncityphotos


a yoga studio, a great opportunity to spread your studio interests through a variety of channels including marketing your products and services; classes, courses, conferences, workshops, shop and more. Even setting promotional events, challenges and competitions, hashtag examples; #yogiom #yogastudio #yogiomactivities #yogiomcompet



In summary there are many different ways of capturing posts from a variety of sources, it is up to you at what level you want to be involved i.e.personal or professional, at a local level, national or international. Remember hashtags are public and private so ensure you set your privacy settings before posting to ensure you want to keep them within your own group private, or open to the world, public.



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  • Garys Tribe
    Feb 4, 2018

    Social Media is growing globally creating new, interesting and interactive marketing opportunities for most businesses. The key is to create content which aligns with your business, i.e. if your a Yoga studio then you should ensure your social media content is orientated around Yoga, health, breathing, meditation etc. The infographic below provides an excellent interpretation of how to create Eye Catching posts. Enjoy For further information and advice contact Gary @ Free-Style Yoga Alliance.
  • Garys Tribe
    Aug 19, 2017

    Do you use social media to promote yourself and/or your business? Do you use it to its full potential? Social Media is completely integrated into todays society with a majority of the worlds population using it in some form or another. The current leader with over 2bn users is Facebook, however there are Asian social media sites that are growing in numbers of more than 1bn. Asian or Middle Eastern social media sites are normally not accounted for mainly due to the language difference i.e. its not in English! If you are a professional with business interests then having social media platforms is in your best interests for many reasons; marketing, publicity, media coverage to name a few. Top trending social media sites at present (in the west): *Facebook *Twitter *You Tube *LinkedIn *Pinterest *Instagram *Google+ *Tumblr *Snapchat * Reddit *Flickr These are the most trending sites for August 2017. Depending on what type of business or professional you are/have, depends on the type of social media presence you need. To start with Facebook is a must due to the large amount of users you can possibly connect with around the world. Google+ is also a must due to its connection with Google and a G Suite account if you have one. The rest is down to your professional business interests i.e. if your a restaurant then having twitter and instagram is a great marketing tool for reaching out locally with special meal deals or reviews from professional bloggers. In the Yoga world, you should have most to attract a wider global audience, having multi channels to promote your yoga & holistic business. However having a chain of social media accounts to manage can be a daunting task, to help you out, there are dozens of tools that can manage all of your social media needs in one place. The top trender goes to Hootsuite, as it includes a comlete CRM system dashboard to manage all of your accounts in one place. Current audience figures for August 2017. Summary Review your current social media accounts and see if they are adequate to meet your professional business needs. Try other apps to test your business against public interest and see how it goes. If you dont try you dont know, give it a go and see where your social media takes you. Contact Gary ( for further information on how to better incorporate social media into your business.
  • Garys Tribe
    Jun 9, 2017

    Hashtags are catch phrases, key words that are tags to additional news feeds that give audiences more content and subject oriented information. They are becoming a trending tool and a majority of Social Media posts are hashtag overloaded. Why use them? They are a great tool for providing readers with additional content driven material to a dedicated news feed, for example: If you are writing an article on detox smoothies and want your readers to go deeper, then insert #DetoxSmoothies within your content and all of your articles will be linked to this one dedicated news feed. Are they worth it? Of course, using 2 or 3 hashtags within an article is great to capture readers attention and give them further reading on the subject. Using anymore than 3 hashtags will make your article non productive and is ugly to the eye. Try and use one now in an article but make sure the hashtag is relevant to your subject, if there are no current dedicated news feeds for your hashtag, create your own. Enjoy, Namaste
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