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Aug 19, 2017

The Natural Breathe


Do we breathe naturally? Most people probably think so!


Natural breathing is something we are born with, look at a baby and see the stomach raising and falling, this is the natural breathe.


Why do we lose this natural breathing technique we are born with, there are many answers but some include; stress, anxiety inculding respiratory issues mostly derive from daily life pressures whether it is a job, friends or family.


How to regain the natural breathe once again! Reconnect with basic abdominal breathing using the nose to breathe.


1. Sit or lay down 2. Relax and close your eyes 3. Place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest 4. Connect with your breathing 5. Note the areas where your breathing the most, abdomen or chest 6. Now connect with abdominal breathing using your nose to inhale and exhale 7. Inhale, feel the breathe entering the nose filling the lungs and expanding mainly the belly area 8. Exhale, feel the belly area falling and the breathe leaving the lungs 9. Continue breathing through the nose, starting with short breathes then when your relaxed, increase the time up to 4 seconds, inhale, exhale.


Connect with imagining the respiratory system, feel the air entering the nose, flowing down your wind pipe, filling your lungs with clean fresh life giving air, feel the lungs expanding, pushing down on your diaphragm muscle, expanding your internal organs (giving them a massage), and finally expanding your belly (abdomen).


Continue for a couple of minutes and feel the mind and body relaxing, bringin peace, tranquility and a sense of well being. Want to advance and try different techniques, have a look at our Pranayama webpage and contact us for more info.

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