Aug 11, 2017

How to charge for renters of my studio space?


I need help with how to charge or price for use of my studio space. I am in a very, very small community and have secured a personal trainer and another teacher that does pilates. My question is how do I charge them for use of my space? What have you seen out there... just charge by the hour? Charge by a percent of what they are making for each class? I would think by the hour would be easiest to manage - could discount if I did a charge per month maybe. Charge by percent of the class would be harder to manage I would think, but if that is the standard? Any input would be appreciated.
Aug 13, 2017

The best way to find out a balanced pricing structure is to carry out a market analysis of your competitors and other local businesses in the area that have similar spaces for rent.


How to charge is entirely down to how you want to attract potential clients coming to your business, for example:


Charge by the hour - This is the most common method, however if your a small business I would normally advice combining with other marketing inititives. Pros; easy to manage and your earning for the space you rent, Cons; No incentives to take advantage of renting space.


Charge a percentage - This is becoming a trend in many studios around the world and has its benefits for both parties. Pros; Enhanced business partnership including sharing marketing ideas. Cons; You may make less money.


In all cases, it is important to make renting your space into a business marketing opportunity, for example; Offer the person renting an open day workshop where your clients and new potential clients can see something new and different then giving a go live date to build up expectations from the opportunity.


Either way, it is important to maximise the marketing potential of renting your space no matter how big or small. A joint partnership taking a percentage of earnings is in our opinion the best fit options which will give you a wider marketing audience.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.


Aug 15, 2017

Thank you!

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