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Gary has been practicing Yoga since 2008 and became a teacher in 2011 after strong recommendations from his Yoga Master, Raquel. Gary started practicing Ashtanga Yoga for its pure discipline then after 3 years of constant practice tried other styles of Yoga, including; Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Acro Yoga with different teachers around the world.  


Gary came from a background in the Military/Security and the transformation to Yoga was surprisingly easy which gave him peace of mind as a military veteran,

Raquel has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2010, she practiced Satyananda yoga with her Yoga Master, Gloria for over 15 years.  Raquel then went on to try other Yoga styles including Iyengar, Hatha classic, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Acro Yoga, trying hundreds of different classes around Spain building on her learning and teaching experiences.

Raquel has frequently visited India since 2010 and it holds something sacred in her heart with the True India experience including travelling around Asia.  She has a passion to spread the practice and teachings of Free-Style Yoga to the world. 


Free-Style Yoga is a combination of yoga styles, based mainly on Hatha yoga promoting the free and open practice of Yoga without physical or mental limitations, working within your comfort zone then exploring thereafter.  


Free-Style Yoga is nothing new and has been around since the birth of yoga, howver doesn´t get the same coverage as the more popular westernised types of yoga, hence building this Alliance to promote Free-Style Yoga to the world.


Free-Style Yoga encourages students and teachers to go beyond the yoga class and are motivated to self-explore everything yoga has to offer, including; learning other styles and techniques, focusing on own personal goals, reaching out to like minded yogis and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Free-Style Yoga is open to all students and teachers that have an open mind, that are free to explore yoga at its roots, who hold no Ego and are willing to help others follow the same path.


There are no limitations, mentally of physically, anyone from any background, race or colour can practice Yoga, with no levels of expertise or competence, and no pressure to impress the teacher. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, at any time, alone, or with fellow yogis, with no restrictions on how to dress for a class or material to use.  


Free-Style Yoga listens to students that want to be heard, taking on board student/teacher feedback therefore creating equality in all, defining the boundaries from impossible to possible, no to yes, and that change is constant for both student and teacher.  

Every single Yogi in the world has the right to free expression, to practice yoga within their comfort zone, to feel part of the yoga community and receive the right motivation to continue with their own spiritual yoga practice.


Free-Style Yoga Alliance follows a set of guidelines rather than implement regulations, standards or any sort of controlling force. We strongly believe in following the native India principle that Yoga is a personal journey and no yogi is above one another, therefore guidelines are a way of inspiring, motivating and encouraging student yogis to advance them on their personal Yoga journey.


Look for yourself at all of the organisations (businesses) that provide yoga teacher training courses, insisting theirs is the best due to stringent regulations, certifications, standards and other catchy keywords that make you believe your paying more for something extra!! What your paying more for is the name someone has created to sell themselves to strengthen the bond between you parting with your money thinking your receiving that something extra special.


No organisation in the world checks, inspects, or confirms a yoga teacher or school can and/or are teaching to their standards, however, they are very lucky to be given anything up to $500 or more for actually doing nothing but issuing a certificate that states you are a certified yoga teacher and/or school. The question is; ask yourself, "what do you actually get for your money", in reality, nothing. These organisations have and are brainwashing people to part with hard-earned money to become part of a false society that gives nothing back but false promises.  However, we would like to add that there are some organisations that provide great services with small membership fees, but it's up to you to weigh out the options and seeing any potential benefits to you before parting with your money.

Guidelines provide all of the necessary information to transform a yogi to an Acharya to progress with their yoga journey on a personal or professional level as a yoga teacher/instructor.  ​Our courses are based on global yoga standards with the benefit of offering internationally recognised training courses from a range of organisations that are authorities on Yoga including Global Yoga Alliances, International Yoga Federations and Yoga organisations that promote the freedom of Yoga practice at its roots. With a common goal of uniting and sharing our passion for Yoga with yogis from every corner of the world.




  • Training & Practice Methods Intro.

    • 20 hours.

  • Yoga Philosophy & Ethics Intro.

    • 10 hours.

  • Practicum.

    • 20 hours.


Total minimum contact hours with instructors: 50 hours.

Total Course Hours: 50 hours





  • Introduction to Training & Practice Methods.

    • 50 hours.

  • Basics of Teaching Methodology.

    • 15 hours.

  • Anatomy & Physiology in a nutshell.

    • 10 hours.

  • Yoga Philosophy & Ethics.

    • 15 hours.

  • Practicum.

    • 8 hours.

  • Introduction to Yoga Business, Social Media & Marketing.

    • 2 hours.


Total minimum contact hours with instructors: 95 hours

(homework not included within hours). Total Course Hours: 100 hours




  • Training & Practice Methods.

    • 100 hours.

  • Teaching Methodology.

    • 30 hours.

  • Anatomy & Physiology.

    • 20 hours.

  • Yoga Philosophy & Ethics.

    • 30 hours.

  • Practicum.

    • 15 hours.

  • Yoga Business, Social Media & Marketing.

    • 5 hours.


Total minimum contact hours with instructors: 190 hours

(homework not included within hours). Total Course Hours: 200 hours




  • Advanced Training & Practice Methods.

    • 135 hours.

  • Advanced Teaching Methodology.

    • 70 hours.

  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, application to advanced asanas.

    • 25 hours.

  • Deeper Understanding of Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit, Spiritual Awareness.

    • 35 hours.

  • Practicum.

    • 30 hours.

  • Yoga Business, Social Media & Marketing, creating own trends.

    • 5 hours.


Total minimum contact hours with instructors: 280 hours (homework not included within hours).

Total Course Hours: 300 hours


Membership to Free-Style Yoga Alliance is to help like minded yogis spread their passion for yoga without limits, without barriers and without the ego but to encourage, motivate and share our incredible journey.

What do I need to do!

Nothing, membership is free for life as long as you promise to adhere to the criteria set below.

Can I contribute to social media!

Yes, of course, we encourage all yogis to share their passion for yoga with the world wide free-style community. We have two FB community's, one called Free-Style Yoga Alliance and one called "Yoga - Global Community of Yogis", the latter being for global yogis to share their stories.

Free-Style Yoga Alliance facebook page is listed below, however we cannot add the Yoga - Global community of yogis as you cannot add group links outside of FB!, So please go to FB and search for the community then share your experiences. Namaste.

Membership Criteria

Our membership couldn't get any easier, its free and available to every yogi that agrees to the membership criteria listed. If you agree then you are a member for life and can use the term "I am a Free-Style Yogi", "Yoga Teacher", "Yoga School".

  • Be Honest, Be Kind, Be Human, and Be Yourself.

  • Share your Passion for Yoga.

  • Don´t judge or be judged.

  • Walk your own Yoga path.

  • Inspire, motivate, encourage and help fellow yogis.

  • Make Karma Yoga once in your life.


As a Global Yogi, I promise to uphold and respect the criteria as listed by the Free-Style Yoga Alliance community. 

You are now a member, welcome to your community, Namaste!

Note; to place a membership image on your website, simply right click on the member image above save as, then add to your own social media and websites.

Share your passion

Now share you passion for yoga with your social media and inspire other yogis with your knowledge, experience and selfishness path for yoga.


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